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God commissioned mankind from the outset to “be fruitful and to multiply.” We have been stuck in addition ever since. What will it take to move us from winning souls to winning wholes? From making the transition from saving souls to saving households?

If we fail to make disciples, we have failed the great commission task. Jesus never said to go and get people to repeat a prayer, but to go and make disciples. Jesus knew the that the only way the kingdom would advance would be through life on life relationships that produce effective, fruitful, multiplication of radical Jesus followers.

Dawson E. Troutman wrote in Born to Reproduce something I think gets to the heart of what I’m trying to say.

“You can lead a soul to Christ in twenty minutes to a couple of hours. But it takes from twenty weeks to a couple of years to get him on the road to maturity, victorious over the sins and the recurring problems that come along. He must learn how to make right decisions. He must be warned of the various “isms” that are likely to reach out with their octopus arms and pull him in and sidetrack him. 

But when you get yourself a man, you have doubled your ministry — in fact, you have more than doubled your ministry. Do you know why? When you teach your man, he sees how it is done and he imitates you. 

If I were the minister of a church and had deacons or elders to pass the plate and choir members to sing, I would say, “Thank God for your help. We need you. Praise the Lord for these extra things that you do,” but I would keep pressing home the big job — “Be fruitful and multiply.” 

All these other things are incidental to the supreme task of winning a man or woman to Jesus Christ and then helping him or her to go on. 

Where is your man? Where is your woman? 

We should all, everyone of us, ask ourselves, where is my Paul and who is my Timothy? Who am I accountable to and who am I responsible for?

Do you want disciples or do you want converts?

Luke 10 Teams Evangelism Ideas
Public Places

Soft drink give-away, Free newspapers, Coffee give-away, Donut give-away in the AM, Free Gourmet Chocolates, Bottled water give-away, Freshen-up packs (mints & moist towelettes), Stamps in front of post office

Sporting Events or Festivals

Soft drink give-away, coffee give-away, Popcorn, Popsicles, Peanuts, Sunglasses (cheap ones), Freshen-up packs (mints & moist towelettes), Bottled water give-away


Bottled water give-away, Doggie treats, Hot dog grilling, Helium balloons for kids, Ice cream coupons, Gatorade at bike trails, Face painting, Doggie wash


Car wash, Windshield washing, Check oil and fill, Single mom oil change, Washer fluid fill, Tire pressure check, interior vacuuming, Interior window cleaning, Ice scraper give-away

Malls & Shopping Centers

Christmas gift wrapping, Meal purchase at the food court, Ice cream cone coupons, Childcare during Christmas shopping, Coffee/Hot chocolate coupons, Boxes to merchants with your logo & # imprinted

House to House

Offer prayer, Fruit give-away, Sunday morning paper and coffee, Leaf raking, Lawn mowing, Snow removal from sidewalks & drives, Window washing, Minor house repairs, General interior cleaning, Community dinner, Salt for icy driveways & sidewalks, Shopping assistance for shut-ins, Poinsettias at Christmas, Picnics at Independence Day, Easter baskets


Street Evangelism in local communities! Contact Rob Kennedy at [email protected] for meeting place details, or contact him via OBM Reach Ministries on Facebook.

Do you want to share Jesus in your neighborhood or community? Sign up at the Welcome Center to be part of a Luke 10 Team where you and a friend or family member can do simple things to make an impact in a life and plant a seed of the gospel. You may contact Rob Kennedy for more information.

The Clothing Trailer reaches out in local communities on a regular basis. Contact Rob Kennedy at [email protected] for outreach details, or contact him via OBM Reach Ministries on Facebook.
The Farmer’s Market Outreach happens every Saturday at 8am at the Courthouse Square in Sidney. Contact Rob Kennedy at [email protected] for details, or contact him via OBM Reach Ministries on Facebook.

The Nursing Home Ministry is a great way for you to warm a heart and make a friend. To learn more, contact John and LaRie Hull at [email protected].

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