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Multiply Discipleship Class

Biblically, to be a disciple is to make disciples. But if you were to ask Christians today what it means to make disciples, you’d probably get jumbled thoughts, ambiguous answers, likely even some blank stares. This is a problem.

If we’re going to know how to do anything as Christians, we need to know how to make disciples. So what does it mean to make disciples?

Find out beginning on Sunday, January 21, when the Multiply Discipleship Class will meet for four consecutive Sundays at 9:00 am in Room 303. Rob Kennedy will teach the class, and he will show you how to be a disciple of Jesus by learning how to make disciples.

Luke 10 Teams

Luke 10 Teams are part of a front-line ministry that dares to obey the command of Jesus to “Go!” We are mission-minded and ready, looking for souls to win in every nook and cranny of our communities.


 We believe in the five smooth stones of evangelism.
  1. Personal Evangelism – Each one reach one
  2. Servant Evangelism – Loving your neighbor
  3. House to House Evangelism – Door to door
  4. Street Evangelism – Reach more
  5. City Evangelism – Light up Ohio


Street Evangelism reaches out in local communities every Tuesday at 5pm. Contact Rob Kennedy at [email protected] for meeting place details, or contact him via OBM Reach Ministries on Facebook.

The Clothing Trailer reaches out in local communities on a regular basis. Contact Rob Kennedy at [email protected] for outreach details, or contact him via OBM Reach Ministries on Facebook.

The Farmer’s Market Outreach happens every Saturday at 8am at the Courthouse Square in Sidney. Contact Rob Kennedy at [email protected] for details, or contact him via OBM Reach Ministries on Facebook.

The Nursing Home Ministry is a great way for you to warm a heart and make a friend. To learn more, contact John and LaRie Hull at [email protected].

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