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CSR - Connect.Serve.Reach

Membership at Only Believe Ministries means participation. God did not create us to simply be consumers, He created us to participate, to join together. Each one of us has something to give, a part to play, a talent to use. God made us to grow together, to work together, to shine together. We are part of a body together (1 Corinthians 12: 12-27). As a member of Only Believe Ministries we want to you take in all that God is giving you, but we also want you to participate and become a part of what is happening. Here are three ways we challenge you to do so:

There are many ways you can connect within our church. Home Groups. Connect Groups. Simply getting to know the people that sit around you in service. Having a coffee or lunch with someone after church. It is important, being a part of a body, that you are connected to the other parts of that body. The church body is about encouragement, unity, and bearing one another’s burdens. We want you to connect relationally. For more information about Home Groups and Connect Groups, go to www.obmcc.org/small-groups

Another capacity of being a part of the body is to serve. Our church functions because of the incredible volunteers that give their time and efforts to the different teams within our church. There are many ways you can serve. We have something that fits your interests and talents. You will receive as a part of the New Member Orientation a volunteer application. We ask that you prayerfully consider volunteering in some area that is listed on that application. Beyond the things listed on the general volunteer application, volunteering in our children’s and youth departments requires six months of attendance before signing on. There is a separate application for those ministries. Fill out the application and turn it in at the Welcome Center in the lobby. We will contact you shortly. What can you do?

We have been called to be a light in our world. Participation in the body of Christ is not just about what you can do inside the church building, but also what you can do outside of the church building- in your neighborhood, your workplace, your family. We ask questions to stir your heart about what is around you in your everyday life: what burdens do you have? What bothers you about our world? How does the Holy Spirit speak to you in helping others? We challenge you to answer those questions and do something. Do something to be a light. Do something to help someone. Do something that shows and shares the gospel. At the Welcome Center are Ministry Idea cards. We would love to hear about the ways you reach out around you. Fill it out and turn it in at the Welcome Center. Who can you reach?

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