Ice Cream Social


Join us for delicious fun and fellowship during our Ice Cream Social on Wednesday, July 6th after service. You can pick your own toppings and the ice cream is free!

Touch, Agree, See


Join us for “Touch, Agree, & See” on Wednesday nights in July. Pastor Peter Doseck will be sharing a powerful message and will be praying for the congregation each night. You don’t want to miss it!

REVELATION (24Seven Teaching Series)


In this series we are taking a good hard look at the seven letters to the seven churches in Revelations. The revelation Jesus gives these churches is timely wisdom for us as well if we will only “have ears to hear”. Join us as we work our way through these “gut-check” style letters and discover
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Sticks & Stones (5.6 Teaching Series)


“Sticks & Stones” is a five week series that will start on June 19th. This series looks at audacious faith – believing God for the impossible and doing something about it. This series is about students learning how to use their faith to accomplish all that God asks of them. Check out the video for
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Setting A Standard


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